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Catalogs and Literature
Baldor Catalog
Stock Products Catalog #501 (also available on CD-ROM)
Baldor's stock product catalog covering AC fractional and integral HP motors, AC drives, DC motors and drives, gearmotors and right angle gearboxes.
Siemen's Catalog
Medallion Selection and Pricing Guide Integral Horsepower AC Motors #NMSP-L0500
Siemens stock integral HP AC motors. Hazardous location and mill and chemical duty motors.
Boston Gear Catalogs
800 Series Helical Gear Drives #81584-GT
Stock paralell shaft gearboxes, helical bevel gearboxes, ratio multipliers
Gears #50116-WT
Spur gears, miter and bevel gears, worm gears, gear rack, pulleys and couplings
Bearings #50117
Bearings, bushings, chain, sprockets, pillow block bearings and couplings
Worm Gear Drives #50112-RS
Right angle gearboxes and gear motors
Electrical products #50115-MS
AC and DC controllers, AC and DC motors, tachs, meters, clutches and brakes
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