The Cowern Papers
Motor Basics
Glossary of Frequently Occurring Motor Terms
Types of Motors
The Mystery of Motor Frame Size
A Primer on Two Speed Motors
Motor Temperature Ratings
Metric Motors
Locked Rotor Code Letters and Reduced Voltage Starting Methods

Understanding Torque
Fans, Blowers, and Other Funny Loads
RMS Horsepower Loading

Power & Energy
Factors That Determine Industrial Electric Bills
Electric Motors and Power Systems
Electric Motors and Voltage
Unbalanced Currents
Conserving with Premium Efficiency Motors
Premium Efficiency Motors — (Q & A)
Amps, Watts, Power Factor and Efficiency
Approximate Load Data from Amperage Readings
Power Factor Correction on Single Induction Motors
Convenient Motor & Energy Formulas
Horsepower Calculations for Speed Changes on Variable Torque Loads

Hazardous Location
Explosion Proof Motors in Division II Areas

DC Drive Fundamentals
Typical Adjustments
Handling 50 Hertz Requirements
Operating Motors in Wet and Damp Environments

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